Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A man and his view.

We often overlook the fact that we share greater similarities to one another, to instead highlight minor differences we see in others. Actually, we don’t just highlight them but we make it the driving force to how we perceive people. The truth is, man was created out of clay and the design for our genetic human body of flesh and matter is almost identical to the few billion residents that roam the land.

Our eyes. Hands. Feet. Nose. Mouth. Muscle. Heart. Lungs. Brain. Repertory system. Antibodies. Immune system….

A sense of euphoria swept over me while outlining the above and the hair on my arms stuck up like soldiers. It seems as though writing is more personal than some may think. A stream of consciousness becomes a structured informative text made of symbols and spaces. And to that of meaning, and closeness, that one feels to humanity for stating simple similarities we share elates my soul. It then begs the question, are we not one under God?

I believe any dissimilarity we comprehend has been forcibly perpetuated by a higher power in the pyramid.


There is nothing that should stand in-between a man and his dreams. It is too short of a time to look for reasons for why you cannot be whom you were meant to be, but we ever so often do. Race. Stature. Religion. Hair. Facial structure. We behave in reflection to our appearance and not what exists in minds and heart. We could free ourselves if we stop worrying and start believing.

‘Your time is limited; so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.’
- Steve Jobs

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Anxiety, panic attacks and depression are becoming more prevalent in today’s society, for it has in recent decades immersed into the lives of the mass population, whereby the sufferer, an ordinary, becomes a victim of his own existence.

As a young man who has endured the setbacks which anxiety places over ones life, I have observed the behaviour of my own and discovered many more like me, that experiencing this at an intense level could progressively diminish the foundations of a bright future. It could cause one to lose control over the only thing a person has control over, his judgment, while the precious years of your life pass you by.

What is Anxiety?

To put it simply, a person suffering from anxiety disorder is someone who has very little respect and self-worth for himself. Lack or faith and trust in thy self cause one to lose the will to live. Too feel joy. Elation. Too love. To be loved…Too be loved. 

It has caused an up-stir within the corporate world where the worker, who finds it intolerable to feel this natural human emotion that we call anxiety in his day-to-day activities to, suppress and numb the mind by taking prescription drugs.

Why does it happen?

An experience deem difficult for your emotions to come to grips with has now, in the present time rewired your brain to never recreate the same feeling again. It is recognised as a defence mechanism where your mind has built a wall around you for your protection, but would later become your imprisonment.

Imagine a radar and its picking up an unidentified object in the distance (in this case you know exactly what it is). The object is moving rapidly towards you and you to it…closer and closer. Whatever happens when you both collide, it cannot be good. Then…nothing. Nothing happens.

This may sound familiar when you are exposing yourself to what your mind is trying to protect you from. 

What do I do?

You start by gradually loving yourself. Your face, your hair, your personality…you begin to trust yourself, trust God… you begin to meditate.

You begin to learn. You begin to hone, your skills and your talents. You begin to live in the moment. You begin to socialise. You begin to compartmentalise. You forget to analyse. You begin to love your life. You begin to show gratitude, for your blessings, your life, your family, your friends… You begin to love God.

There are so many definitions, opinions, and scientific explanations on anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Many of which generally say the same thing and some with very little substance. In essence, it comes down to loving yourself again and believing God loves you too. With his and your love, you will see a drastic change in your thoughts and you will trust yourself as you once did before.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
 only light can do that.
 Hate cannot drive out hate:
 only love can do that.”

                                            -Martin Luther King Jr. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Same you, different me..........

I think the gift of the conscious mind is something that is neglected throughout the modern world. People often find themselves, whether they are aware of if or not, living in a constant cycle of meaningless activity. We are so willing to reduce ourselves to being the image of perception by others. Why do we live in their image? Can we not be the masters of our own lives? We can, but to overcome public perception, first trust thy god and intuition, for they are the greatest blessings unto man.

- So why is my life any different? 
- What is the reason for my life? 
- Where do I go from here? 

Who am I?

We are all born and raised to be the same. But we later discover that individuality is appreciated far greater than reflecting someone else's personality. Life has a tendency to make people who project an unalike energy feel alienated and occasionally an outcast. I find it dismissive to say he's weird or she isn't normal. Although we don't admit it, we find ourselves in a position where we judge something or someone we don't know. How can we disregard someone who looks at the stained glass window and appreciates its complexity; all its beauty where the ordinary person would just walk on by. 

Whats the fuss about?

It seems that we become accustomed to the rules and ways of life of that, from what we have learnt in the media, movies, magazines and people, even if they seek to distract us from what we really know is right for us. These paradigms have a way of displaying incentives to its purpose and just gives us enough to feel a small sense of fulfillment so we can carry on getting f*****. To put it simply, if they offer you lifetime security, you may as well put the shackles on your wrist yourselves. 

Living in a capitalist society, in theory, should liberate a nation and give birth to generations of highly ambitious, eccentric and creative individuals. Not only would we see a massive decline in poverty but we would also create more jobs, more money and ultimately prosperous communities. But that is obviously not the case. We get taxed; suffer from underemployment, low optimism that plagues our mind, education that goes no where.............. 

What can we do?

I believe the leaders of the world want us right under their thumb to suppress the creativity that lies within every soul. They want to take our rights and implement a life of us saying yes sir and can I get you anything else sir. We can be the leaders of the future if we take time out of this life to work on ourselves and embrace the spirit within. Procrastinate on the wrong that plagues the world, and then focus your attention on what we are able to innovate whether it is an idea, a concept or institution that would improve the standards of living. It is our ideas that shape the world around us and we can create one, where no one has to lose out. 

There are a few individual who came and went, almost instantly but who have had a major impact on society. Some we know as being no more than human and others were divine. Take time to learn from the following, 

- Steve Jobs
- Tupac Shakur (2pac)
- Martin Luther King jr. 
- Ghandi  
- Ernesto 'che' Guevara 
- Nikola Tesla 
- Jesus Christ
- Prophet Muhammad 
- Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

- Leonardo da Vinci 

One Life, One Mind, One Purpose, One War, 2 Sides.

Don't subjugate yourself by others perception of you and the race you have inherently been given. To instead, liberate your creative mind by way of unburdening the mental conditioning you have fell victim to ever since you could crawl. We are all but one; not black, white, asian or hispanic but humans who are separated by dialect and united by one god.